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Krish Photos specializes in photo repair and photo restoration of your images. Our artists are able to repair cracks, tears, rips, holes, and other defects in your. Photo restoration servies eliminate color shifts and fading, discoloration, sun-bleaching, oxidation, as well as mold and mildew damage.

Image retouching is a service used by studio, photographers and individuals alike. Product photos need to look appealing and catchy to create the business niche you want them to. Image retouching can do this in a jiffy. Our image retouching team is quality work in the least turn-around time. We offer image retouching services include touching up product photos, image cut-outs of products for catalogs, adding text captions to images, retouching normal image to make attractive catalog, etc. Our range of image retouching services include colorizing a Black & White image, adding, changing or removing a background or object or enhancing the image and make it the way it was meant to be.

Image retouching involves adding / enhancing selected colors on a grayscale or faded color image. Some of the basic procedures that can be done are adding text, changing the background, changing color, correcting color, removing bad shadows, lighten/darken areas, motion effects, remove persons from group photographs, remove unwanted objects etc.


Image Background Removal

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Need to remove background on your photos? Not a problem. Krish Photos can mask any background or photo background removal service through photoshop, leaving you with a clean, isolated image with a masked out background that can be used for many applications.

Photo Retouching Services

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Krish Photos offer photo retouching services like removing unwanted object, background changing, adding text, portrait effects, crystal effects, Masking, Clipping Path etc. Our clients are from industries like furniture, manufacturing, garment, crystallization, media, publication etc.

Photo Restoration Services

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Our professional photo restoration service can repair your treasured photographs. We offer highly skilled team of image restoration professionals will do a seemingly impossible job for you through photo enhancement and old photo restoration, restoring them to their original quality.

Photo Manipulation Services

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Photo Manipulation is the technique of modifying a photograph either by adding objects, people or things in the background or foreground. Image manipulation encompasses everything that can be done to a photograph. It can make a photo look like the image of your choice by altering the elements of your photo. the image has little or no resemblance from the original photo.

Black & White to Color

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This process of photo editing service involves three different kinds of services. Black & White to Color Photo Service Right from basic analog Black & White photo editing to Color Photo image editing ur advanced photo editing tools help clients in photo editing I have experience in photoshop services.

Wedding Photo Editing

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We make your work easier by offering our services in bulk image cropping and editing services, thus giving you more time to concentrate on more important tasks. We provide complete photo editing services for wedding pictures. from photo color. Professional wedding photo edting services for everyone.

Pop Art

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Photo retouching, a photograph can be converted into pop art, which can then be used for various purposes. We offer customized pop art service as well. They can be great fun for kids’ corner, fun gifts for couples or friends, used for pop art games by designers, or even used for comic strips or cartoons.


Caricatures, Caricatures Services, caricature drawing, caricature artist
A caricature is the art of depicting a person by exaggerating some features of the face or body. At Photos Touchup, we can produce a highly realistic caricature drawing. Our caricature drawing services guarantee 100% satisfaction. Our experts can sketch and custom design the caricatures, including features and surroundings.


Comic-Art, Comic-Art Services, Comic-artist, Comic picture, picture to Comic-Art
We have provided Comic-Art services for many if not a majority of the high profile collectors, institutions, artists and estates in recent years that have required it. We are proud to say that to the best of our knowledge, no claim has been successfully contested.

Vector Image

Vector Image, Vector Image Services, Image Convert to Vector Image, Artwork, Illustration Images
We provide high-quality Photo Image to Vector Conversion Services at reasonable price. our Expert artists can redraw your raster jpg or bmp blurred photo to vector format. Take a look at some of our Vector Conversion work below, benefits consumers with lower cost goods and services, thus giving the photograph much smooth and pleasing look.

Jewellery retouching

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Jewelry whether gold or silver or is made up of any gemstone is gleamed to its real and extreme purity. At Krish Photos, the skilled manpower practices jewelry retouching by using the best editing software-Photoshop, hence improving the quality of the image. The entire jewelry photo package of earrings, finger rings, pendants, and necklaces are purified maintaining the originality at its best.

Image Clipping Path

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We provide great quality in image clipping path with fast turn around time and Low Cost! If you are in search of a clipping path service provider then you can easily rely on us and you can save your time and money, concentrate on ohter creative work. Clipping paths are typically used to hide the background of an image or may be used to transform an image into any shapes, making the masked portions transparent or to any color background.

Cropping Images

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Banner Design

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Sepia, Sepia Photo Work, Color to Sepia
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