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Caricatures are used for many purposes, depending on the artist a caricature drawing can prove some real successful results. Our caricature drawing service offers the most affordable high quality hand drawn caricatures from a picture.

A caricature is the art of depicting a person by exaggerating some features of the face or body. At Photos Touchup, we don’t just do human caricatures; we can also work on pets and other animal caricatures.Caricature King is a great place to commission a caricature gift from one of our experienced caricature artists. Browse through the samples of the artist's caricature work and you will see we feature many caricature styles so you can find the art style that you like best.

At Photos Touchup, we can produce a highly realistic caricature drawing. Our caricature drawing services guarantee 100% satisfaction. Our experts can sketch and custom design the caricatures, including features and surroundings.
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